Meet the Stables of the STWF

The Evil Alliance (CURRENTLY ON HOLD)
Sergeant Genocide
Très Sheik
Patrick "the Finger" Patrickson
The Pencil-Necked Geek
Bait and Switch, the Techie Salesmen from Hell
El Spheros and the Square, the Immortal Shapes
Managers: The Rogue and Edwina
Sponsor: Fred Meatnsaucy
Mottoes: "Bad Boys will do BAD things!"
"We hurt faces."
"We got the POWER, baby, 'cause we rule the WORLD! Ha-LA!"
Notes: This group is considered the "elite heel" stable. Anyone facing them is already given more face pop.

The Asylum Alliance
The Asylum Alliance

Bobo Fiendish
Homicidal Hank
Tag-alongs: the Wheelbarrow Man and Hack
Motto: "Madness is a dish best served...with PEAS!"

Faces Inc.
The Inner Circle
Hubcap Gang

The Tiger
Luke Warm
Tyrone Mayhem and Jamal Tupac Mustafa, Black by Popular Demand
The Organ Grinder, with monkey J. Fred Kokomo, Jr.
Tag-along: the Foz
No manager per se, but the Right Hand Man serves as "advisor".
Notes: Faces Inc. is considered the "elite face" stable. Anyone fighting them will be considered slightly more heelish.

The Head Trauma Club
Image in the works
Garry "the Gurney" Greene and Barry "the Backboard" Brown, the Ambulance Jockeys
Necro Phil, the lecherous coroner (with "Helena")
Valet: Nurse Heidi

Insane Claude Posse
Image in the works
Claude "Lightning Fingers" Leroux
Coma, the Breakdance Inferno
Flatline, DJ Uhhhh
Broadway Musical Man
Tag-along: Dr. Zigmund Fraud
Motto: "Snoik...bibble...ah-OOOO-ga!" (submitted by Coma)

The Heelside Stranglers (aka the Three Guys)

The Violent Pacifist
Jean Bannister and Sir Hungalot, Pain and Pleasure
Motto: "There's one side to every story - the HEELSIDE!"
Notes: Since there are only three members left in this stable, they are now relegated to mere "alliance" status. Maybe one day they'll pick up that fourth they need.


Neige Thirteen
Motto: "That being said, give us what we want!"

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