Rankings `n' Rumours - An Abridged Magazine for STWF fans
Last updated: 24/V/1900 2000

Rankings for Intergalactic Championship:

(C) Mittens
(1) Virago
(2) Dr. Sillaconne M. Plants
(3) The Tiger
(4) Homicidal Hank
(5) Billy Polar

Rankings for North American Championship:

(C) douja
(1) The Violent Pacifist
(2) Luke Warm
(3) Neige Thirteen
(4) The Rump Ranger
(5) Da Sassy One

Rankings for Intercontinental Cruiserweight "This Is Not A Championship Belt But It's Close" Belt:

(C) Tyrone Mayhem
(1) Coma
(2) Captain Obvious
(3) The Organ Grinder
(4) Woodstock

Rankings for the 3-4-1 tag belts (Tag Team Championship):

(C) The Mama'z Boyz
(1) The Ambulance Jockeys
(2) Pain and Pleasure
(3) The Head Trauma Boys
(4) The Sickly Brothers
(5) The Agency

Ongoings and Rumours of the STWF:
Another frantic contract pace here in the STWF. People are leaving and coming back and being signed, nobody knows who the hell is in or out of the STWF anymore! Which is okay, we suppose, if you like the insanity factor.

Where is the Rogue's Gallery? Everyone knows Mister Numero Uno's been in the bathroom in his office in the Ivory Tower for months now...expect another few weeks? Days? Chugging chunky gravy will do that to you, we suspect. But what will it mean to all the heels currently in the industry?

The Mama'z Boyz tag team champs? Can they co-exist? Moreover, who can topple them?

douja as North American champ? Can HE co-exist? Moreover, can he stay conscious long enough before he topples over?

Mittens as Intergalactic Champ! Enough said! Already a line is forming around the block for C3PO. Only problem is, it doesn't seem to be to fight the champs, but rather Neige Thirteen, who some say must have trouble walking with both feet in his mouth every minute of every day. Just a rumour, folks. If you have any rumours to spread, feel free to mail 'em here.
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